How we work

The vibrant Forward BIOLABS community was designed specifically to encourage collaboration and regular interaction among startup teams, between startup companies, and amid supportive industry sponsors and investors, to speed the launch and development of promising biotech startups.

Facility, INfrastructure, & services

Located in the heart of University Research Park, the facility provides both laboratories and office space.

NOTE: NEW EQUIPMENT is added frequently. For up to date information please inquire.


    • Refrigerators, freezers, liquid nitrogen storage

    • Autoclave, bottle wash, and ice machine

    • Deionized water, vacuum

    • Chemical fume hood and BSL-2 cell-culture capabilities (e.g. incubators, BSCs, phase and fluorescent microscopes)

    • Pipettes (adjustable and repeater), centrifuges, vortexers, shakers, pH meter, balances, gel boxes

    • PCR, plate reader, lyophilization, luminometer, FPLC, bioreactor, nucleic acid quantitation, automated nucleic acid extraction/purification

    • Connections to UW-Madison’s 90+ cores, 460+ resources, and 330+ services


    • Environmental monitoring of critical cold units

    • Back-up power

    • Security and 24/7 access

    • Safety equipment (e.g. eye washes, shower, spill kits, extinguishers, first aid, etc.)

    • Personal protective equipment including lab coats, gloves, eyewear, cleaning solutions


    • Biological and chemical waste removal

    • Equipment tech support, maintenance, calibration, and repair

    • Specialized, user-specific equipment training and support

    • “Onboarding” sessions to acclimate new members to additional support within the Forward BIOLABS community

    • “Graduation” sessions to support alumni through move-out and beyond

    • “On call” duty for equipment alarms

    • Lab coat laundering

    • Mandatory safety training

    • Lab and office cleaning


    • Address service

    • Wireless internet

    • Conference rooms with AV and polycom teleconferencing phones

    • Color printer/copier/scanner and shredder

    • Kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, toaster ovens, coffee makers and kettle

    • Shower facilities

    • Ample, free parking


    • Walking paths with ample green space

    • Food carts

    • Park-wide networking events such as the popular “High Tech Hotdogger”

    • Close proximity to 60+ other biotech companies within University Research Park

Flexible memberships

Forward BIOLABS’ ready-to-go, co-working life science labs and offices are available on a month-to-month basis, which allows rapid and affordable changes such as adding a bench or office cube to accommodate growth. Please inquire for current pricing.

  • Lab bench membership: Dedicated lab bench with storage, dedicated cold unit storage, use of all shared equipment and lab amenities.

  • Office membership: Startups not quite ready for a lab bench can get a running start by getting started in the community with membership to the office, taking part in programming and sponsor support. Add on a lab bench when ready.

    • Hot desks

    • Dedicated desks

    • Office cubes

    • Private office suites

membership process

Inquire via the application to tour and learn more specifics about Forward BIOLABS equipment and operations. Accepted startups execute a Forward BIO Labs Member Agreement. Members are welcomed their first day with facility orientation and training.