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Turn-key labs mean no delay: science on day 1

Forward BIOLABS’ co-working life science labs are fully equipped, maintained, and supported, and come with concierge introductions, training, and networking that help startups grow. The flexible, affordable labs and nurturing environment produces immense capital efficiencies gained by not spending time and money on lab equipment and setup. In addition to capital efficiencies, valuable operational efficiencies are gained through lab infrastructure such as waste management, safety protocols, equipment monitoring, security, and startup-specific training units. These efficiencies allow entrepreneurs to focus on their science and meet their milestones efficiently and fast. 

Within Forward BIO Labs’ innovation ecosystem and shared labs, early-stage companies initiate critical proof-of-concept work, create prototypes, and advance early stage projects in their first week in the lab, not their first year, and are able to focus on product development instead of setting up and maintaining a facility. More broadly, startups learn from other companies, attract funding and investment, get exposure to community resources, and create jobs that contribute to the local, regional and state economies and most importantly, to advancing their innovations for pressing issues in human health and the environment.  

Why is this important?

Unlike other technology startups that seem to run on wireless internet, bottomless coffee, and pizza, life science startups face special barriers. They often require expensive and specialized equipment, intensive technical advice, and greater amounts of capital to navigate regulatory approvals and long product development cycles. Founders traditionally spend 6-12 months and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars leasing, designing, equipping, and setting up their own laboratory. This is not an efficient approach.

Mission and goals

Forward BIOLABS mission is to make it easier to start a biotech company. Our co-working life science laboratories and nurturing network have one goal: to help startups succeed.  We accomplish this by:


Providing life science laboratories and associated lab support infrastructure, enabling lab work to begin on day 1.


Fostering a nurturing environment where startup science thrives, with startup members who collaborate and share expertise.


Cultivating and facilitate key relationships between startups and industry, investors, scientific product and service providers, government, and academia.


Improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem by offering comprehensive support for technological innovations as a partner within the Forward BIO Initiative.


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