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Guest column: University Research Park reflects life sciences growth

By this time in 2020, University Research Park’s footprint, the portfolio of labs and offices we manage, will be 40% larger than it was in 2010. Our growth reflects an underlying trend that’s not always obvious: From nascent research in lab petri dishes to scaling players investing in new facilities, Madison’s life science cluster is booming.

Unlike healthcare IT, Madison’s life science scene isn’t dominated by…

WEDC grant helps Forward BIOLABS phase 1 laboratory space hit capacity, eye expansion

Seven months after receiving a $750,000 Targeted Industry Project Grant from WEDC and $200,000 in seed funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Forward BIOLABS has already maxed out its current facility and is gearing up for expansion. This is evidence of the rapid and visible growth taking place in Wisconsin’s biomanufacturing sector—growth that Forward BIOLABS is playing a critical role in supporting.

A fully equipped, maintained and shared life science lab, Forward BIOLABS gives early-stage companies breathing room and resources to transition research into successful commercialization. Based in Madison’s University Research Park…

Forward BIOLABS to host early stage life sciences startups

The recently announced Forward BIOLABS will serve as a landing place for startups, many of which will come out of UW-Madison research.

That’s according to co-founder Jessica Martin Eckerly. She says the nonprofit’s goal is to establish a fully equipped life sciences laboratory for early-stage companies, making it easier for them to bring their ideas to life.

“There’s a ton of interest, a ton of positivity…  It’s exciting,” she said. The creation of Forward BIOLABS was…

Initiative focuses on advanced technology innovations in biomanufacturing

A $750,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. announced today (Sept. 6) establishes the Forward BIO Initiative, a collaborative effort to make Wisconsin a recognized center of excellence for biomanufacturing.

The new initiative “leverages one of our key long-term strengths at UW, which is working at the crossroads where multiple disciplines connect,” UW–Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank told state and university leaders at the MG&E Innovation Center in University Research Park….

Biomanufacturing initiative launched in partnership with UW-Madison

Officials with UW-Madison, the biohealth industry and the state’s economic development agency announced the launch of a biomanufacturing initiative Thursday to enhance opportunities for Wisconsin researchers and entrepreneurs.

The collaborative effort, dubbed the Forward BIO Initiative, aims to build a shared laboratory space for startup biomanufacturers within University Research Park on Madison’s West Side, while also establishing the Forward BIO Institute at UW-Madison to…

WEDC awards $750,000 grant to support development of biomanufacturing initiative

A $750,000 grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. will support the establishment of a new biomanufacturing center. 

The center is part of the Forward BIO initiative, which is a collaborative effort to help entrepreneurs and researchers access the resources needed to turn discoveries into commercial products, a news release says. The initiative aims to advance the state’s position as a national leader in the biomanufacturing industry.  

The Forward BIO Initiative has three main components…


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NanoSUR LLC has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant for $745,200 to commercialize innovative technology by conducting research and development (R&D) work on safe and sustainable pesticides efficacious over a wide arrange of pests affecting crops.

NanoSUR develops and commercializes non-GMO, RNA-based technology that will allow for a more affordable and environmentally benign crop production. Its products will help…

Making drugs more effective: Madison startup Dianomi Therapeutics draws a $3 million investment

Dianomi Therapeutics says it has a new way to make prescription medications pack a bigger punch — to help not only humans but injured pets or racehorses, as well.

Based on research from the lab of UW-Madison biomedical engineering professor Bill Murphy, Dianomi says it has devised a way to make medications that attack the source of pain — rather than the pain alone — and are more effective and longer lasting than current treatments.

The technology combines drug candidates with mineral-coated microparticles. It is based on…

Gregor Diagnostics Raises $900K to Develop New Prostate Cancer Test

Gregor Diagnostics has raised $900,000 from investors as part of a seed funding round that the Madison, WI-based startup says will support its efforts to develop a new, at-home screening test for prostate cancer that it hopes will offer a more precise alternative to the current testing standard for the disease.

San Francisco-based First Round Capital and Dallas-based Green Park & Golf Ventures led the round, according to…